Featured Artist: Submissive Bobbi Bunny from Las Vegas!

In this Featured Artist Interview, we present Las Vegas native Submissive Bobbi Bunny. This exotic rebel is a devotee of all things bondage, and is excited to bring her know-how to NYC March 14 and 15, 2014!

Hey Bobbi! First things first: How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers here in NYC?

I’d like to introduce myself to the NYC readers as being blatantly me. There’s a flirtatious mischievousness about me that is thoroughly provoking. I’m quick-witted and canny, confident and sagacious. I am the complete package for a stimulating and unreserved engagement.

Quite the scintillating description! Now for some specifics. On your profile you refer to yourself as “the ultimate bondage doll.” Can you elaborate?

Bondage has always appealed to me. It has an erotic charge, and a yielding connotation. I’m small and fairly flexible, and frankly…I look great tied up! I consider myself a total connoisseur of all things bondage.

In addition to your enthusiasm for bondage, you mention how much you enjoy “dress up play,” particularly involving ballet and extreme high heels. Could you discuss your attraction to these items?

My attraction to ‘extreme high heels’ probably dates back to my days of exotic dancing. Essentially, I’m as tall now as I was then; and I was as tall then as I was as a junior in high school! Which truly isn’t ‘tall’ at all. I remember going into the gentleman’s club and seeing all these beautiful women, with their alluring long legs, and of course, wearing the typical 6″ heel. A 6″ heel still rendered me shorter than most of the other girls, so I almost immediately began wearing 8-9″ heels. I never wore heels that had a strap, but it wasn’t long before I mastered the skill of actually being able to dance in a heel that high!

My interest in both ballet boots and ballet heels sort of just fell into my lap. I had a wonderful client who had a huge ballet boot fetish, and he surprised me one day with my own pair. I found them surprisingly easier to walk around in than I had initially anticipated. A year or so later, I came across a guy in Italy who made ballet heels, and I couldn’t resist ordering a pair of custom-made pink ballet heels! Unfortunately, although they have an absolutely stunning appearance, they’ve proven to be much harder to master.

I’m sure you’ll have it down in no time! Since you hail from the iconic Sin City, how would describe the kink/fetish scene in Las Vegas?

The fetish scene in Las Vegas is relatively small in comparison to the fetish scenes in other big cities, such as Chicago or San Francisco. It’s definitely more of a ‘sub-subculture’ to Nevada’s infamous, sexually-charged assortment of strip clubs, legal brothels, and other large-scaled events such as the AVN Awards/Expo and the annual Fetish and Fantasy Ball.

You definitely seem to have a wide breadth of knowledge when it comes to BDSM. Could you tell us why were you drawn to being a pro sub?

I really enjoy the idea of an interim power-exchange, so naturally, pro-subbing served to be a good fit. However, I’ve never been the typical ‘pro-sub’. I’m quite feisty and pert, and come with my very own induction of playful and rousing friskiness.

What do you hope to experience and learn as you continue your journey?

Although Las Vegas’s fetish scene is slightly smaller than some others, I get the opportunity to explore pro-subbing rather often. I love meeting new people, and going to new places, and am looking forward to expanding my involvement with the new friends that I meet along the way!

Where do you think your submissiveness stems from? An urge to please, to be taken? What’s at the center of your sexuality and drives you towards submission?

My submission absolutely stems from an urge to incite, and ultimately be taken. I attended private school most of my school-aged years, and at some point, definitely became somewhat of an artful rebel. Being sexily mischievous was something that I was personally attracted to, and that seemed to bring about the concept of ‘being taken’, as I was this fiery, unruly girl who more or less needed to be taken. That IS the center of my sexuality. The idea of being detained, secured, controlled and spent.

To close on a bit of a literary note: You have many quotes on your site. Can we surmise that you are an avid reader?

I’m more of an avid writer, than I am a reader. That being said, the quotes on my site are ones that were very selectively chose. I felt that they were amazingly well-put, and after I had heard and/or came across them, I couldn’t get them out of my head! Words speak volumes. They give so much insight into a person’s character, their capacity, and their conduct. Good diction can be fascinatingly sexy.

Can you give us some quick good diction? 

A rousing engagement
A provoking arrangement
And a bound Bad Bunny
Your climactic subjugation.

To schedule a session with this kinky wordsmith, visit her artist page!

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