Featured Artist Interview: Ashley Paige


To kick off (and kink off) the start of autumn, we’re sitting down with our new Featured Artist Ashley Paige, a madly seductive switch, a diabolically demanding Mistress, and a hungry submissive yearning for more! Let’s see what dark crevices of her deviant mind we can explore together…

The changing of seasons is always so exciting! Fall is great for kink, don’t you think? There’s that sense of renewals, of new beginnings (no doubt leftover from ingrained back-to-school season). So what’s on your kink agenda for this fall?

You’re so right, fall is great for kink. As the season transitions, and the world starts to draw back into itself, I find myself doing the same in so many aspects of my life, specifically my kink and all that pertains to it. Hungry for exploration of more than the “typical,” I find myself drawn to fantasies and experiences that shatter preconceived ideas of sexuality and open the doorway for genuine exploration.

Can you share some specifics? Inspire us!

Maximum sensory overload, deprivation and pleasure – a sustained tease and denial, if you will, that has no specific end result in mind, outside of a genuine mind fuck.

Suspension bondage, both giving and receiving. Fire play to warm up the body. Sploshing and food play to feed the body and soul. And mummification, which holds a place near and dear to my heart.

How season appropriate so close to Halloween! What’s so special about mummification?

Outside of the raw exchange of power, mummification calls for the complete willingness to not only give up one’s control but also one’s identity, which inevitably leads to a heightened factor of objectification – Something that I find especially fascinating as one learns to let go of past identities, sexual and otherwise. In the midst of a scene like this, you are completely encased, immobile and reliant on another for your well-being, your pleasure, and your pain. You have given them the power to control when you rejoin the world…or better yet, when you’re reborn into it and under what conditions. This act, this fetish, this pleasure requires immense trust and willingness to step outside of one’s previous understandings and simply be 100% in that moment.

Speaking of senses and catering to them, if you had to pick one, what’s your favorite and why?

Now that’s a good question! I am a lover of all things sensual so it’s safe to say that all of my senses tie into every experience I have. However, defining which is my favorite can be a bit of a chore, as I feel I’m working with a double edged sword – all of the senses can be used to either enhance or detract from any and every experience. Nonetheless, I would have to say that the sense of touch is by far my most preferred – we read, say, and invoke so many things with our touch, or lack thereof, that I find it to be pivotal in the realm of sensuality in which I dwell.

So it’s been just about two years since we’ve met and become partners in perviness. You were a dominant leaning switch when we first met. Has that changed any?

I would have to say most definitely. I am still very much the Dominant with switch tendencies that I was when we initially met, if not more so. I hunger for a submissive to feed that dominant being within me and cater to every inch of its deviousness, which is vast and perverse. Yet, at the same time, I have found myself curious to explore my deepest submissive desires.

It’s often difficult to get in the mind of someone who is naturally dominant to find their submissive side, especially for new partners. So tell us, what pushes your submission buttons?

One of the kinks I find myself indulging in the most is Voyeurism. By far it is one of the most innate turn-on’s for me. It’s such a psychological experience to be on display, with every inch of my body exposed, in the heat of the moment for any wandering eye that may see me, catch me… or even, join me. Whether bound, gagged, and waiting for the pleasure that is to come, or simply engaging fully in the moment without a care in the world as to who is watching, I lust for voyeurism constantly and without fail.

Oh yes – the dichotomy of vulnerability and power at the same time is complex and very arousing. What else?

Another major one for me is breath play (ie. choking). I have a storied background with choking but have never had such an intense orgasm until it was incorporated into my sexual life. Of course, this is not an activity that should be done with just anyone, and there is an extreme amount of trust and caution required – but dear lord, if the sheets I’ve soaked could talk, they would tell you, I’ve screamed my appreciation time and time again for a nurturing hand squeezing my throat.

Of course there are many more kinks that rev my engine and soak my panties, but I can’t give it all away…

Intriguing! Since we are still exploring your submissive side – who is the right Master for you?

Now that’s a bit of a fantasy, really. He, She, They – don’t exist. There is no right Master for me. I am not submissive by nature. The right partner for me, however, is one that is as versatile as I am and willing to explore all roles. I am an Aries after all.

What does being an Aries say about you? And how does that pertain to kink?

Quite a bit! On one hand, I am constantly exploring, pioneering, and discovering life, sex, myself, the world. It says boldly that I am passionate, enthusiastic, and unafraid of taking charge – always willing, ready, and open to whatever is to come. On the other hand, it suggests I’m a bit stubborn and could use a firm spanking from time to time. But either way, I am a force to be reckoned with.

Haha you are a horo-whore! What about astrology draws you in?

Haha, I can be at times, yes. In the simplest understanding of astrology, I think it gives a generalized base line for most people. (Then again, I’ve met those that don’t hold true to the qualities of their sign in the least.) But in general, I think that astrology, the moon, the alignment of the planets all play a huge part not only in our personalities, sexualities, and desires but also in whom it is that we attract into our human experience.

Who are your best play partners according to astrology?

I play phenomenally well with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – and in my personal experience, these have been some of the hottest and most intense play partners I’ve had. I’ve had some very yummy times with Libra’s as well…they’re a lot of fun. (Hey y’all!)

Some of my best submissive play partners include Cancer, Capricorn, and Taurus – however, the bulls always seem to want to buck from time to time… bad boys.

What about signs for you to avoid in a bottom/top dynamic?

There are a few things I’ve noticed from my own experience that correlate with my astrology, and though I keep an open mind as every experience, every person differs, these are a few things I’ve started paying attention to:

Now, as awesome as I think Aries are (we’re #1) – I’ve noticed that in top/bottom dynamics, we can be a bit difficult. It’s funny because we are such strong minded individuals, that it’s a constant struggle back and forth, which can be intense and invoke many a dirty night; but oh my gosh! I’d much rather remove that scenario altogether and just do us.

I’ve also realized that those that feed my dominant side have a gentler nature as a person, and though I adore that quality – they do not make an appropriate top for me, nor would they want to be.

Lastly, Gemini’s – they’re interesting…

Haha you should add a “What’s your astrology sign?” to your intake form!

I totally should!

Now this interview is long overdue because we keep missing each other! You do a lot of traveling – do you see any differences in the kinks across the country?

Oh yeah, kink is completely different across the country. I even pack my bag of tricks in accordance to where I’m going.

With New York kink, the range is far and wide – role play (and lots of it), latex, lots of toys, sensual domination, wrestling, objectification, tease and denial to edging and chastity – to name a few.

In the South, I’ve noticed that hardcore is the general course of play – ball busting, CBT, showers, kidnapping role play scenarios and more – the South is doing it big.

In Florida, I’ve experienced a love for all that is latex, bondage, and group play scenarios. However, I’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg in Miami and Tampa, so I can only imagine what I’ll find on my next trip.

On the west coast – well, if you’ve seen it in a movie, there’s a good chance it’s happening somewhere. Vegas is a bit more hardcore porn star fantasy, in my experience. But Cali is a beast…and so much dirty, kinky, nasty, good fun.

And though I’ve traveled to Europe, I have yet to kink it out, out there and experience the lifestyle for myself. However, it’s on my to-do list, and I’m going next year.

As for Chicago and the Midwest – to be honest, I don’t know, as I haven’t traveled there in years…but that’s all about to change. So I guess I’ll have to let you know in the next interview.

You mentioned Florida – that was the annual Fetish Factory event, right? Tell us one crazy anecdote…

Yes, that was the 19th Anniversary Fetish Factory Memorial Day Weekend Event, and I went with a long time personal submissive of mine. The entire weekend was dripping with kink, sex, and filth! I walked him around as my puppy at the Pervy Pool Party with a vibrating butt plug dog tail. I was pierced by a fellow Domina and whipped by the pool with a latex whip. But my favorite event by far was the Extreme Players party in which I indulged many of my perversions – including a hot breath play scene with heavy spanking in the middle of the club with a very sexy Master/slave couple; putting an overly touchy stranger in their place with nipple torture, spitting, and slapping while being watched by a crowd; and dominating a human ashtray that enjoyed being force-fed my ciggies. It was an epic event to say the least, and I can’t wait for the next one.

So, tell us something else about yourself as a kinkster that we don’t know already…

Having my armpit licked (in the right moment of course), is an automatic panty soaker.

You are ever a deep fountain of surprises, Ashley!

I’d like to keep it that way. Kink safely guys!


To engage in a battle of wills with this fiery Aries Switch, check out Ashley Paige’s profile and website to learn more. Better behave yourself!

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