Featured Artist Interview: Lita Kai!

With the launch of our newly revamped website, comes a new Featured Artist Interview with the youngest member of AOS, Lita Kai! Every time we come away from spending time with her, comes the thought that wisdom doesn’t always just come from age; some people are born with it. Getting to know this petite firecracker is a pleasure in every way!

Hi Lita! What do you think about the new AOS?

I’m loving it; all the pictures are displayed in a more visually appealing way. I love the profile layout of the individual Artist pages. I feel like I’m on a dating site… to get spanked. 😉

Give us some background about yourself! How did you start out as a professional kinkster?

I was a “good girl” for a very long time, so I didn’t begin exploring and pushing my physical limits until I started college. In my formative years, I had always been open-minded and fascinated by what I saw in BDSM adult videos. I couldn’t wait to try some of the stuff I saw on screen! From my partners to the activities that appealed to me, I was immediately drawn to kink and D/S. I like variety in general, and while I like sweet, affectionate traits in my partners, I found kink to be exhilarating and interesting.

How would you describe your play style? You are a switch…can you tell us more about your psychology behind both roles?

My interest in kink stems more from a fascination with power dynamics and aggression than they do from any one particular fetish. I am very open-minded and love to try different things, but above all, I love primal, animalistic chemistry. That can be achieved without any fancy tools – through fingers interlaced with my hair or a resounding smack on my ass – but tools make things interesting too and can also take me to that mental state of deep submission.

As a dominant, I can be more calculating. I prefer to know my submissive’s interests and to think of creative ways to play with their fantasies. I’m more of a service top as my personality is very empathetic, and thus, it is difficult for me to get into a more selfish mindset that is required for certain dominant roles. But I love working with various scenes and seeing people’s reactions; seeing others enjoy themselves gives me much joy.

What are your favorite scenes…as a top? As a bottom?

As a top, I love being pampered and worshipped. I take great pleasure in having my feet cared for.

As a bottom, I love playing the student or the part of the helpless girl.

Who is your ideal partner?

I like for both my partner and I to be sane. To me, that means being honest and down-to-earth outside of play time. I love getting freaky, but at the end of the day, I want to know my partner doesn’t really believe the dirty things he says – some of it, at least. I’m also a sap for the care and affection that is exchanged afterwards, especially after more intense scenes.

You’ve previously worked in a dungeon. Does that affect you as an independent provider?

I appreciate the flexibility and control over my work that I have as an independent provider more after having had dungeon experience. I feel more powerful and in control of my life even though I don’t play a dominant role as often as I used to – and that has influenced my emotional and mental well-being in a very positive way.

And now for a sensitive, but fascinating topic (at least, for me). Longtime fans of AOS and our predecessor website will possibly remember a blog post about racial relations within the scene from two years ago. I’d like to delve deeper and get more opinions. Do you think being Asian affects your business, for the better or worse?

Asian women in general are often exoticized, so I would guess that it has worked to my advantage. However, I think my being Asian is just one aspect of a package deal. I’m still a very unique individual. I put a lot of effort into my physical appearance and into creating a pleasant yet exciting experience. Usually if my race is brought up, people are curious about my ethnic background or complimenting me on my features. I love my Asian traits, and I’m proud of being Chinese, so I don’t mind talking about it.

Speaking from personal experience, it’s interesting that Asian kink providers are often forced into two boxes – that of the proper submissive or the fierce dragon lady. Do you see this as stereotypical? How do you feel about this?

I do think that those two stereotypes exist in fantasies, but I don’t fit into either, nor have I experienced pressure to be one type or the other. It wouldn’t be healthy for me to try to maintain either persona for very long. Instead, I approach my partner in a genuine manner, comfortable in my natural personality, which is quite self-assured but still balanced and in touch with reality. As such, I feel confident and in control even when I am performing traditionally submissive activities. The kind of partner I work well with would appreciate that even though I can play certain scenarios, my personality is more complex than fitting into that box.

How do you feel about clients with “yellow fever” or race fetishes?

There is a difference between having preferences for people of certain physical characteristics or races and having a full blown race fetish. The former is very common and understandable, while the latter may be hard to deal with. There is both a responsible and a disrespectful way for a client to go about it. As long as I can be seen as someone with a multi-faceted personality beyond what is simply my race, I don’t necessarily mind that I fulfill a desire for them to be with an Asian woman.

Does the issue of race ever enter into your scenes, personal or professional?

Not very often, though I remember a scene in which I, as part of the “Asian master race,” was thus giving commands to my slave. Those kinds of scenes can be very fun, if even just for its novelty. I’m not stringent when it comes to being politically correct all the time, but for a scene, it is fair to at least have a conversation beforehand asking if certain phrases or scenes are okay. If it’s not discussed beforehand, it can be shocking or taken seriously when it’s not meant to be.

Thanks for participating in my ongoing informal research! I’ll certainly credit you should I ever get around to writing a research paper! 😉

So I hear you are doing another BDSM photo shoot soon. What kind of photos can we expect?

I love showing off interesting leather harnesses and lingerie, so picking outfits for this shoot was very fun. Compared to my previous shoots, there was more experimentation with light and use of bold colors such as red. The results from a BDSM photo shoot are not necessarily conventionally appealing the way usual erotic photography is, but this shoot yielded some very interesting pictures, and I’m excited to share them.

What are some hobbies or interests of yours?

Other than erotic modeling – I love reading surrealist literature, playing open world video games, and running.

For more about lovely Lita, check out her Artist profile!

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