Lily (3)

How did you start exploring your submissiveness in D/s play?

In adolescence, I awoke to a secret and very powerful need to submit, but I had no idea how or who to ask. I tried mere spankings, but I discovered I craved something more – something visceral that I could not articulate and was too ashamed to admit. Eventually, I sought out and found where and how to ask for the “it” I had yet to name: Your dominance. My surrender. I still crave it deeply every day.

What is your favorite S&M activity, and why?

I love being broken down and made into a toy for your service. I need to feel used. It feels powerfully erotic, immediate, and oh-so-right.

Who is your ideal Dominant play partner?

My ideal play partner is (1) comfortable with power exchange, (2) invested in an exceptional encounter, (3) aware of boundaries. Besides that, passion is always attractive.

What are your favorite play scenes?

Humor and safety are two ingredients essential to the makings of a delicious play-date. With that foundation, the scene can unfold in any direction you desire. No matter how you choose to use me, your satisfaction is my purpose and my ultimate reward.

How would you describe your play style?

Intuitive, sincere, committed…and a wee bit slutty!

What are your other passions?

My life is full of many pursuits, gifts and gratitude. I enjoy touching the edges of the human experience – from the magnificent to the miniature, the light to the dark, the spiritual to the fleshly. Lily is a vital and joyful part of my life, but I’m in love with the whole shebang!

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