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10:00 PM - 17 Apr 2021

Late 20s
5’3” (160 cm)
Body Type:
Body Size:
34B-28-38, size 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Shoulder length
Hair type:
Play style:
Heavy intensity bottom/masochist
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:
NYC, Westchester

I’ve always felt that being conventional is boring, so I aim to travel the path less trodden. A certain rebelliousness and iconoclastic attitude characterize everything I do, including the exploration of my sexuality. You’ll find that instead of begging, I’ll egg you on. Instead of dirty talk, I’m more likely to slay you with my sharp dry humor. Instead of role play, I prefer to explore the already richly-nuanced dynamics between two partners at play.

In my mid-20s and a graduated student of psychology and philosophy, on the surface I am your typical girl next door. Deeper inside, I relish the thrill of submitting myself to a stronger will. I crave a challenge but need to be ultimately overpowered. I understand the important role the mind plays in BDSM and appreciate an intuitive respectful Dominant who will take me to the edge with care.

My body is your canvas for play. My mind is yours to explore. I might talk back, but a sharp slap to the face might cure that. Or I might provoke you again…

I like: up to heavy impact play, paddling, flogging, sensory play, restraints, rope or saran wrap bondage, collars, electro-play, hot wax, biting, slapping, scratching

My hard limits: blindfolding, G/S, B/S, welts and marks

$850/90 min
$1100/2 hrs
$1600/3 hrs
$2100/4 hrs

Schedule: available some Mondays, Wednesdays after 6pm, Thursdays and Sundays

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