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3:32 PM - 13 May 2020

Late 20s
5'3" (160 cm)
Body Type:
Curvy and toned
Body Size:
32C-25-39, size 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Ears and nose
Play style:
Medium intensity sub, sensual switch
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:
NYC, NY; Travel

You could say what draws you to me, but we both know already, isn’t that so? We hedonists are instinctively drawn to one another. Like you, I want to experience every sense and indulge every urge. I want us to share our fantasies—thrilling, enticing, and embarrassing alike, and then we’ll see what we can do about making them come to life. Maybe we’ll begin by sharing a decadent meal, tucked away in a candlelit corner together—wine and secrets will flow in equal measure. Voicing our desires is the perfect aperitif to exploring them, isn’t it?

As a switch, I know the thrill of surrender just as well as the rush of cruelty. I’ll gaze into your eyes while you’re whimpering through your gag, knowing exactly how you feel, but that will only make me want to torment you more. Power exchange is just that—an exchange. You give, I take, you push, I pull, until we’re dancing the same rhythm across the dungeon floor.

I crave sensuality and sadism equally. That delicate sweet spot between pleasure and pain is my favorite place to linger. My skin will prickle with goosebumps at a well-placed caress, or a moan may escape my lips as the lashes of your flogger turn my ivory skin the most delicious shade of pink. But most of all, I believe that play should be playful. What’s debauchery without a little laughter?

I like (as a sub): Tease/denial, spanking, flogging, impact play, restraints, creative roleplay, predicament games, sensory play

I like (as a Domme): tease/denial, body worship, roleplay, objectification, bondage, discipline, humiliation/light degradation, sensory play, spanking, paddling, caning, flogging

Hard limits: B/S, G/S (receiving), electro-play, bastinado, play that breaks the skin or leaves welts

$925/90 min
$1200/2 hours
$1750/3 hours
$2300/4 hours

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