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8:38 PM - 15 Oct 2021

Early 20s
5’7” (170cm)
Body Type:
Body Size:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Light brown
Hair length:
Hair type:
Shoulders and back
Play style:
Sweet, sensual, sassy submissive
Incall only
City served:

My name is Robin O’Hara! Before we dive into your fantasies, let me introduce myself…

I am a cheeky tomboy who loves to display my soft, pretty, feminine side. I have spent the past 2 years studying the art of submission underneath the gracious leather boots of Mistress Danielle Blunt. I have learned that I love to challenge my weaknesses and develop them into my strengths as a submissive. I have learned that I embrace pain yet I treasure moments of endearing intimacy more. I have learned that I cannot thrive without kink and submission in my life. I have developed into a complex, well-rounded and well-trained submissive, and I can’t wait to offer my submission and service to YOU.

I want to be your good little one and learn all that I can from your brilliant guidance. I would love nothing more than to give you a slow and sensual massage or have you mold me into your perfect piece of furniture for you to rest on after a long day, as we discuss the intricacies of your imagination, and how we will transform it into reality.

Maybe you will transform me into a sweet little school girl for you to reprimand, teach, and defile; or your darling, to match your wit and intensity as we explore your deepest, most perverse desires. Don’t be fooled — my sweet and innocent demeanor makes my dreams to be your little toy all the more deviant. I am a warm and ready canvas for all your favorite toys — a paddle, a crop, or your hand — a receptacle for your dreams, and will follow you down any path, with a smile on my face, laughter on my lips, and a playful glint in my eye.

Outside of the bedroom, I am a student of writing and performance. Indulging in classical music, poetry, architecture, the great outdoors, and film fill my days. My love of the arts reveals itself in my scenes. I dedicate myself to the intricate details that enrich and elevate a scene into something transcendent. I give myself over completely.

I welcome play partners of all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

Likes: light to medium impact play, roleplay, service activities, giving massages, tease & denial, after care, dollification, objectification, pet play, flogging, D/s, collar and leash, service and obedience training, high protocol, nipple play, breast torture, nipple clamps, sensory play, punishment, OTK, human furniture, certain types of gags, doubles sessions

Soft limits (let’s discuss): tickling, face slapping

Hard limits: race play, age play, blood/medical play, electro play, edge play, B/S, G/S, gaslighting/psychological torture, humiliation, choking, breaking skin

*Reference from AOS provider is required for screening.

$700/90 min
$900/2 hours
$1300/3 hours
$1700/4 hours

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